Socio-Educational Proposal

In order to build up democracy, it is essential to work for the universal right to access to quality education.

The covid-19 pandemic has been placing new demands on quality education. One of these requirements is access to ICT − information and communications technology. These demands bring about further inequalities and threaten the rights of certain groups.

Human dignity, human rights, education in care for our common home, education for citizenship, the right to education, technological education and digital literacy... are among the topics dealt with by Susana Beatriz Sacavino and Vera María Candau, doctors in Education, in their book Democracia, Educación y Derechos Humanos en tiempos de pandemia [democracy, education and human rights during a pandemic]. The book is openly available as a contribution to reflection by educators.

The authors put forward proposals for “the affirmation of democracies and education that are concerned with greater social justice, distributive justice, epistemic justice and cognitive justice”.

This publication addresses the Socio-Educational Movement “Educating in Difficult Times” which is inspired by the Socio-Educational Proposal put forward by the Teresian Association in America (PSE). The themes and approaches that are raised could also contribute to reflection, dialogue and action on education, democracy and human rights in other latitudes.

An urgent need is felt “to transform the school system, to question policies and neoliberal thinking and to consider a kind of education that is centred on human dignity and that strives for rights, democracy and social justice”.