The Primary Association of the Teresian Association (PA) has its origin in the first group of young women who saw that Pedro Poveda's project asked them to make a radical commitment to follow Jesus.

The PA is made up of women who live the mission and spirituality of the Teresian Association with commitment to availability and dedication. They work in a special way for its growth and advancement.
These are women of all ages and circumstances who are willing to carry out their mission in all kinds of places and be part of our “outreach” Church.

The TA Co-workers’ Associations (ACIT) have existed since the beginning. The members of these associations are men and women, adults and youth who are attracted by the charism of Saint Pedro Poveda. They participate in the mission and spirituality of the TA in their social and professional lives and at home with their families.

After a period of learning and discerning, they ask to commit themselves to leading lives guided by the values of the gospel and Teresian spirituality as members of their local ACIT association.

The Teresian Association Movement, MIT There are various youth movements that follow the charism of Saint Pedro Poveda. They include Acit Joven (Spain), MIT Giovani (Italy) Youth I.T. (Philippines) and MIT Jóvenes (Peru). They know that Pedro Poveda believed in young people and that he invited them to “conquer the world” ... no more and no less, through justice, peace and love. These groups provide a space for learning, self-development and growth in faith.

In many of the establishments and projects run by the Teresian Association there are groups of people who join the TA Movement. Through their profession, shared faith and way of life, they play their part in working for our joint mission.

The associations of former students are formed by women and men who remain in contact with TA schools or teachers in various countries. They take part in projects or educational activities and keep in touch with their former companions.

These groups are an excellent way of maintaining links between generations and of stimulating the spirit and the style of education they have received. These associations also provide platforms for participation and involvement in Teresian Association projects and areas of mission.