The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published recently a Vademecum on the procedure for treating cases of sexual abuse of minors committed by clergy.

This Vademecum is an Instruction Manual to guide those who must find out the truth in cases of the aforementioned crime.

The word truth is important here, because it clearly expresses the path that the Church wants to take.

The document is not a normative text or a new piece of legislation, and does not modify current legislation, seeking rather to clarify it.

It aims to be a flexible working tool geared to helping Ordinaries and jurists who need to translate canonical legislation into concrete actions.

The Vademecum is published in the version called 1.0 because it will be updated periodically according to the current legislation or the practice of the Congregation, and its objective is to establish a single universal practice.

We attach a summary with direct l¡nk to the Vademecum.