Assumption 2022

Message for the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.*

A Message of hope offered by a group of TA members celebrating the 50th anniversary of their commitment. They have chosen an image of Our Lady as “undoer of knots”.

We look at our world, torn apart by war, by greed for power, the emergence of imperialisms, social inequality, the indifference of the great powers in the face of the pandemic, the unbridled exploitation of nature that generates major disasters and climate change that threatens the life of the planet.

Alongside this, signs of hope are emerging: solidarity among the poor, the compassion and mercy that take care of the most neglected are emerging, the effort of science to create solutions for new problems, the generous and heroic dedication of women and men to the care of people with health problems and other needs. All these hopes show the good, which, with strength and without noise, is transforming realities that show the transcendent presence of God who rejoices in humility of heart.

We are called to look to the future and to welcome it as a sign of what is to come, and to live a demanding Christianity that bears witness to God's transforming presence in society.

Mary, in your Assumption, obtain for us from your Son the ability to respond with evangelizing audacity to the needs of our world!

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