The Federation of Associations for the Prevention of Child Abuse 15th International Congress under the title “Steps in Safeguarding”, and the ECPAT International Seminar on Trafficking in Children for Sexual Exploitation.

Human trafficking is a serious crime and a gross violation of human rights. Every year, thousands of women, girls, men and boys fall into the hands of traffickers both in their home countries and abroad. Every country in the world is affected by this terrible social scourge, either as a country of origin, transit or destination of victims.

Specialists have been working for many years on “safeguarding” as the best way to prevent and eradicate violence against children and adolescents.



When we speak of safeguarding, we are also referring to positive parenting, because it is concerned with the capacity of the members of the family unit to love one another unconditionally while respecting each one’s individual differences.

Carme Tello Casany, a member of the Teresian Association International Advisory Panel for the monitoring of our safeguarding Policy, reports on these two recent international meetings on the prevention of child abuse and trafficking and the way forward to cultivate safeguarding and positive parenting.

You can download the text in pdf here.