The current situation

The mandate of the Teresian Association Council for Culture is to ensure that the charism of the Association is interacting with the contemporary world. The team has recently produced a document entitled La sociedad fragilizada (The Debilitated Society).

The document was drawn up by eight women from different countries. It addresses issues related to the priority areas of the TA mission: education, health, communication, the economy, care of the environment, pastoral care, young people, women, migrants, etc. It raises questions that help us to move forward.

What can the pandemic teach us about decision-making in situations of great uncertainty?

Is globalisation responsible for this pandemic?    

Has covid-19 worsened inequalities between women and men?

During the pandemic, not only health and life have been threatened, but also freedom, mobility and information. Is democracy in danger? The environment is sending out cries of alarm. Are we listening? Is the common good a utopian fantasy?

Young people are likely to face more obstacles in the future. How do schools meet the challenge of preparing the emerging generations for this uncertain future?

How does the Church interpret the pandemic? How are we living our faith at this time?

The themes covered by the document all demand our attention today. They require comprehensive, effective and decisive analysis. They are being put forward for discussion and they ask to be debated, examined and acted upon so that they may receive some light and hope from the perspective and resources of our charism.

The document can be downloaded here in English.

Original in Spanish.

Italian translation.

Portuguese translation.

French translation.