Assumption 2020 Message*

The feast cannot evade us from the situation in our world. From India they invite us to turn our gaze to Mary, “as she believed before she saw” and “goes before us in faith and in the struggle which all disciples must confront.”

The Annunciation story (Lk. 1:26-30) presents Mary as the first disciple, the one who listens, welcomes the word of God and acts accordingly, the one who consents to the action of the Spirit and takes on her part in the work of salvation, convinced that nothing is impossible for God.

In the present context of uncertainty that we are living, this attitude of listening takes on a new meaning: listening to God in trust and surrender. We do not know what the future holds for us. We know that God is speaking, but we are at a loss to understand or may fail to see what he wants us to see. But we are called to listen: to listen to the cry of the earth and the poor and the suffering. We are called to listen and care for the sick, the dying, the homeless, the migrants and those on the margins of society.

Like Mary, we are called to walk with our suffering world in these painful times of the pandemic. When Mary says Yes to the invitation from God, she agrees to set out on an unknown path, leading she knows not where. She travels along it, trusting that God is always with her, and that it is invaluable being a disciple, collaborating with the saving action of her Son.

In the gospel we hear Mary’s song of hope, the Magnificat. It is the song of the people of God walking through history. It is a song that we are called to sing today in every part of the world. “My soul glorifies the Lord”. It is a song particularly strong in places where there is suffering humanity. For us Christians, wherever there is the Cross, there is hope.

We desire deeply through Mary’s maternal intercession the grace of freedom and wholeness for all: for creation and for humanity, longing for a conversion of heart, that will renew the face of the earth and recreate human spaces where the dignity and integrity of all is safeguarded.

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