Letter of the year 2024

The Teresian Association president’s letter is entitled “With roots in the gift received, New beginnings, new calls”. Gregoria Ruiz addresses this letter to TA members, co-workers, friends and everyone who shares the charism of Saint Pedro Poveda. Some selected paragraphs are quoted here.

The precious legacy received from Father Poveda has borne –and continues to bear– fruits through its evangelizing presence wherever the TA members are, carrying out the mission –being in the world but not of the world, and living as salt, leaven and light.

Just like the waves that after rushing as far as they can toward the shore, must return to the deep to recoup new energy and strength to be able to launch themselves again with the freedom of a fresh beginning, we, too, will be benefitted by looking back to our beginnings and re-anchor again our vision, plans and actions on the essential reasons for our being here.

As we begin the year 2024, we ardently hope and pray for peace, yearning for a more humane world where each and every person could live with dignity, in peace and safety; and with communities and nations coexisting peacefully in shared development and collective well-being


The charism, the gift received from the Holy Spirit, becomes apparent and visible in society when mirrored by communities, families and groups who hold the same interests, ideals, and aspirations. Our mission, as Poveda puts it, is cooperating in the building of God’s Kingdom in history. This is the ideal and aspiration that moves us as a people of God.

Sharing the charism implies opening our communities and groups to other seekers of meaning, of fellowship experience and fraternity, of a platform that could contribute to the good of society. Sharing the charism also implies inviting our family, friends and colleagues to join hands with us in our endeavors to contribute to the building of a more just, inclusive and humane world.


Father Poveda confirmed Mary’s role in the Teresian Association in no uncertain terms. In its one-hundred-year history there is no doubt that the loving hand of Mary has blessed and guided it with predilection. The Teresian Association was conceived under her loving gaze, and we have always looked up to her as our ideal and inspiration, protector and guide.

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