International webinar with TA Local Partner Organisations (OSL) on “Global Challenges and Opportunities in the Aftermath of the Covid-19 Crisis”.

More that 70 people from four Continents participated in the 3rd of June in a webinar (seminar via internet) to share about the  impact of the pandemic in their contexts, weave network and enrich local work with a global gaze and coordinated actions.

The meeting revealed common concerns that are being addressed by the local organisations:

  • The greatest violation of fundamental human rights.
  • Gender-based violence.
  • Domestic violence against children.
  • School dropout.
  • The impact of the virtual world on community.
  • The digital divide.
  • Difficulties in funding: whether from public or private sources.
  • The situation of migrants and refugees: in India, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, etc.,
  • The growth of authoritarianism in many countries.
  • The rural-urban divide: conditions of poverty, lack of access to basic services such as health and education, difficulties in obtaining decent employment and livelihoods.
  • The need of psycho-emotional support and care of the teams.

These realities and challenges are, at the same time, opportunities:

–To enhance that care and assistance is the key to overcoming this crisis and sustaining life.

–To reinforce our activities in rural areas, locations where the challenges and needs are still very extensive.

–To improve our networking and learn from the exchange of experiences of partner organisations that work in very different contexts but have common objectives: to guarantee the right to education, to ensure that people live lives free of gender violence and to build critical citizenship.

The Covid-19 has revealed and exacerbated all the crises that an unjust capitalist system has been producing for decades. It obliges us more than ever to strengthen the bonds that unite us, to work in networks from wherever each one of us is located, and to foster a critical view of reality which will enrich us collectively.


More information about the webinar in the pdf document attached.