Questions and beliefs

On the post-emergency stage, we should change our focus.

As TA members, we have shared information on how the coronavirus was affecting the reality of each country, concern about its evolution, the questions and issues arising… Along with this, we shared the strategies and means that we were implementing as a group.

To the initial question on how we are living through this moment, others were added. What lessons are we learning?  How are we to manage in these uncertain times? How to avoid staying as we were?  How can we discover the newness that this situation carries within, inviting us to change?

Where and to whom do we go for fear not to paralyse us but to give way to courage, doubt to certainty, discouragement to hope? What word can the Association speak in its fragility, to announce to the world the strength of the Risen One? How can we work with others to announce this?

Along with these questions, half answered or left hanging, our strong belief that the Association was born for difficult times resonated freshly; that it is in our DNA to trust, resist, be bold, see the present as an opportunity for grace.

From there and thinking of the post-emergency stage on the way, we feel obliged to change focus, to change our approach so as to prioritise being over having and producing, and to give first place to those who are always last, in this case those most affected by this crisis.

In the same way, we feel it urgent to revisit this moment of confinement and rediscover what it means for the Association to go out, to be sent this Easter out to the world, to the place where the Risen Jesus makes Himself present to us and calls us again to carry out the mission.

Extracted from: Governing Council Letter to all members of the Teresian Association, 04-21-2020.