Church synod

On 9 and 10 October 2021, Pope Francis opened a process called For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission. The purpose of this process is to open up a path of real listening to the People of God and to facilitate the participation of everyone in the diocesan phase.

The Synod on synodality is part of Pope Francis’ programme to overcome clericalism. It is to foster dialogue between the pastors and the People of God with a view to a missionary conversion of the whole Catholic Church.

Pope Francis’ address at the opening of the synodal process in the New Synod Hall on 9 October 2021.

The current diocesan phase is an opportunity to engage with the journey of our local Church. We can participate in listening to others and building up our sense of togetherness as we go out on mission.

The Teresian Association wants to answer this call. We intend to put our best energies into working towards the conversion of the Church, as the Pope asks of us. The General Council of the Teresian Association has appointed the General Secretary, Maddalena Pievaioli, to coordinate this process and to liaise with the Synod of Bishops’ office.

Our priority now is to keep abreast of developments and to be informed about what we are being asked to do for this Church process as members of a lay association.

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