Christmas with Josefa Segovia

Will flourish! Will flourish!


We can also share Christmas with a sense of unity and common purpose, as we did during the Advent season. 

Members of the Teresian Association in the United States, Cuba and Canada, who form the Pedro Poveda Delegation, have shared "A Closer Look" for Christmas with texts for the feast of the Nativity, the Holy Family, Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord, a fragment of some writings by Josefa Segovia extracted from the book Spes Nostra (Our Hope), along with a brief reflection and prayer written by someone from the Delegation.

To download the texts for Christmas, please click here. To go to the texts for Advent, please click here.

About Spes Nostra

Spes Nostra, whose first edition was published in Madrid in 1953, collects, in a single volume, diversity of texts written by Josefa Segovia for the members of the Association, Former Students, friendships…

These are diverse writings: some were published in the then called "Revista de la Institución"; others are the so-called extensive "doctrinal letters or letters of the year", focused on a theme that develops and disseminated in multicopy among members; others, short letters; finally, some texts of Spes Nostra are a collection of loose thoughts from the author.

The common denominator of all these writings of Josefa Segovia is to be Marians, to be dedicated to Mary or to refer to Her. For Josefa Segovia, Marian devotion and piety are always linked with following Jesus.

The last edition of Spes Nostra is from 1963. Some writings of Josefa Segovia are published more recently in the book The grace of today. Introduction and selection of texts of Arantxa Aguado Arrese. Narcea, Madrid, 2015.



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