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Congratulations, InteRed: celebration of its 25th anniversary

MADRID, Spain.
In the evening of May 22, a commemorative event of the 25 years of NGO InteRed took place at the headquarters of the General Society of Authors of Madrid. It was a pleasant moment of memory and gratitude through videos and testimonies.

In her presentation, María del Mar Palacio pointed out as one of the advances of the NGO, "the promotion of educational policies that foster quality and inclusion in many countries. But these policies are not possible if there is no equity; and to achieve this goal, what has helped us is what we call "gender approach," which has allowed us to uncover and banish sexist roles throughout history in order to enhance the possibilities of girls and adolescents, of women in general."

She paid tribute to the teachers in the places where they work, she valued the commitment of the young people who participate in volunteer activities and the intergenerational experience that exists in many of the InteRed sites. She also mentioned the women who created InteRed, especially Vera Maria Candau.

Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, sent a message:

"At this event that closes the year of celebrations of the 25th anniversary of InteRed, I join each and every one of those who have made it possible for the organization to continue contributing LIFE, by improving the situation of so many people in different countries. I thank you, in my name and on behalf of the Teresian Association, for your collaboration.

In this new stage that you start as an organization, I encourage you to continue working and collaborating in this Solidarity Network, promoting educational processes that promote collective change in favor of justice, equity and care for people and nature. Be always open to participation and dialogue with different people and groups that want to live and promote values ​​similar to yours. Be able to go weaving and braiding, with different colors and threads, the diversity that we are.

I encourage you to continue promoting and living values ​​such as coherence, caring for people and the planet, equity, co-responsibility, participation, solidarity and transparency in our actions.

I encourage you to be attentive to the urgent demands of our world and respond by giving committed answers. Congratulations to the entire organization."

Inmaculada Pache, President of the InteRed Board, thanked all the people who have collaborated over these 25 years. She mentioned the group of women who, in 1992, initiated the NGO as a "solidarity, exchange and interdependence network that works to eradicate poverty and exclusion, promoted by the Teresian Association.". He valued the quantitative and qualitative growth of InteRed. She stressed the firm commitment to the dignity of the rights of all people through education, without replacing the work that should be done by States to ensure the education of its citizens. And the articulation of the NGO ad intra and with other organizations. She especially thanked the Foundations Javier Oriol and Villafranca, who share and collaborate with InteRed.

Congratulations, InteRed! 

Video of the celebration

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