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Are you looking for something else in your life? Have you considered doing something to make the world better ... for everyone? Maybe you find your place in our projects and in our way of living. Now is the time.

Do you want to know how? 

As believers, we are grateful every day for the gift of life, the people we love and care for, and for so many things that surround us. At the same time, we question many aspects of the world reality, the contexts of crisis that reveal the injustice of an economic and social system that excludes a majority of humanity whom Pope Francis speaks of as the "discarded." Do you not think it is worth doing something about this?

Those of us who are part of the Teresian Association family try to live in an alternative way, in tune with the values of the Gospel, uniting ourselves with many people and groups who generously work for the dignity and defense of human rights, for the care of our planet and for the peaceful coexistence of people and nations. We do it by placing our emphasis on education because we believe in the transforming power it has on people.

This was the dream of Pedro Poveda, who transmitted it to a group of young women who, at the beginning, helped him make it a reality. Over time, many men and women, young and old, joined in different countries and cities.

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