St. Teresa of Avila

Pedro Poveda gave the name of Saint Teresa to his work right from the beginning in 1911. He found her to be an inspiring example and a teacher of life and of Christian values. She was a woman whose strength and authenticity attracted people who wanted to share with the world their experience of a loving God.

The Statutes tell us that “The patron saint of the Teresian Association is St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila). It seeks in her the inspiration of a life that is fully human and totally God-centred”.

Like St. Teresa, Poveda found his strength in prayer, and he proposed that this saint be a companion to TA members in their pursuits. Their prayer was centred on Jesus and on the Gospel, a conversation of friendship that allows us to love people as “close friends of God”.

It is this “Teresian spirit”, one of unmistakable human goodness, generosity, kindness and affability, that is asked of TA members for their educational work, for their family and group life, for their presence in the world, and for evangelizing.